Places to visit in Auckland New Zealand


Placed in the North island of New Zealand, Auckland city is a remarkable place to visit. It is a medium-sized city of 1.5 million people and has won different prizes as being among the top 10 most liveable cities in the globe. 

In terms of its natural beauty for the visitors, Auckland has it all positioned between the Tasman Sea and Pacific Ocean, it has 2 charming harbours – Manukau harbour on the west and the Hauraki Gulf on the east.

Because of its coastal nature, Auckland has some superb beaches that permit you to swim from December through to May. Further, you can catch a ferry that can take you on 30 – 40 minute boat tour to any one of a number of islands spread around the Hauraki Gulf, one of which is Waiheke Island. You will be capable to view the many sailing boats of every different description – it is no surprise that Auckland is known as the city of sails and is now becoming known as the boat-building capital of globe.

Auckland has also many recreational reserves and parks for you to enjoy as a visitor, such as Cornwall Park in the middle of the city – a three hundred acre farm-park that is pleasure to walk or picnic in, and if you climb to the peak of the One Tree Hill, you will rewarded with amazing view of the Hauraki Gulf.

As a visitor, there are a number of coastal reserves for you to visit, such as Omana at Maraeti, Long Bay, Army Bay on the Whangaporoa Peninsula, Wenderholm, and Duders Reserve at Whiteford.  There are very famous for families – a remarkable place to escape from the city. Then there is the Waitakare Range, a big area of native bush on the western side of the city that is remarkable if you are into tramping.

In Auckland, Kelly Tarlton Sea life Aquarium is one of the special aquariums in the globe. The aquarium has 360-foot glass tunnel where you can see over 1,800 species of sea life. The shark exhibit is very famous in this place. The sharks are only kept for a little time then are released back into their natural habitats.

The Museum of Transport and Technology is another famous place to spend the full day. The aviation section has some of the most popular aircraft in history. There are amazing displays of technology, automobiles and busses. A wonderful gift shop and café make a visit complete.

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Reasons to Travel in Cruise Ships

One of the popular means of travelling these days is through cruise ships. Here’s some great info from the guys over at Comal Crawfish Company

This type may be far from the traditional means of travelling but is being embraced not only by a few but many nowadays. Truth is, even professional travelers and avid tourists love the idea cruise ships could offer. Below are some of the reasons why people thought travelling through a cruise ships is a wonderful idea.

This is especially true if you are planning to visit more than just one place. All you have to do is hop unto the ship and let it take you to places. There is no need for you to land, get another travelling means with your passport and all just to get into your next destination. Everything in the cruise trip is planned; you will be informed before your board. All you have to do is enjoy the company of other travelers or experience the perks the luxury ship is offering and wait for the captain’s signal for the next island visit. This type of travelling is actually very beneficial to elderly people because there would be less stress in travelling from one place to another.

cruise shipAll in One
Travelling through a cruise ship is actually more like all-in-one experience. In traditional travels, you have to buy a ticket, do some reservations in your accommodation, and locate restaurants for you to eat and so many more. In cruise ships, they have everything. You have a room to stay, a dining room for your food and some even have swimming pools, parlors, yoga classes, spas and discos. You can have everything you want in just one boarding.

Indeed, travelling through cruise ships has some advantages. No wonder why people are now considering this type of travelling. It is convenient and even practical. Loading in that ship is like having your dream vacation actually.



Article Credit: Comal Crawfish Company New Braunfels TX

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San Antonio Texas Water needs a Softener!

The water in san antonio is so hard, you definitly need a water softener. We have seen readings of 30 to 150 parts per million in hardness. Thats off the charts man.


In fact, san antonio water softeners are so readily available, you really need to do your shopping.


As you can see, water is a critical resource in Texas, theres a shortage, so you need not waste it.

A good water softener will help!

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The Best Place to Travel For Food Lovers

Food is actually one of the reasons why people travel. This is very true for people in the culinary world. They would want to explore and experience the food of other cultures in their respective places. Some people, food lovers to be exact, also want to get a taste of something new and unusual, far from the food they are used to have.My friend who export to china gave me some tips to visit the place.  Other than that, typical travelers would look for food for their basic needs and to know the place even better through their culinary skills. With this, below are some places with their respective signature local dish that should be visited and explored.

The Japanese eat a lot of seafood, like a LOT. The famously served-raw seafood such as Sashimi is a staple in Japanese cuisine. This dish gained so many raving reviews and is now one of the prominent dishes in any luxurious restaurant menus around the globe.

korean foodKorea
It is only in Korea wherein you get to eat writhing octopus tentacles seasoned with sesame called Sannakji. It’s almost as if these people have a thing with eating raw seafood. It may sound gross to some but once you get to taste this dish, you would instantly understand why Koreans love Sannakji.

If you want to eat something spicey, then you have to visit India. Various cuisines in India utilize an arsenal of spices. Coriander, cinammon, cumin, cardamom — you name it. India is famous for curries with lentils, coconut milk, and garam masala.

These are just some of the many must taste dishes, food lovers, tourists, vacationers, and travelers should try. It is not only delectable but for some reason, these dishes will help you get a closer look on the culture and know the people in that particular place.

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Famous Cruise Ships For Travelling

Cruising in a luxury ship is now being considered one of the best ways to travel and explore places. This type of travelling actually allows you to visit multiple places with the use of just one transportation means. Such style is found to be less costly, more convenient and even more satisfying compared to the traditional way of travelling by some people. All you have to do is board on that luxury ship; experience the perks the ship made available to its passengers and wait till the next island landing. With this, below are some famous luxury ship lines that offer one of a kind cruising experience.

Jewel of The Sea
Jewel of the Sea is a huge Royal Caribbean cruise shipped stationed in San Juan.  The ship alone can offer a luxurious service for its passengers – from the accommodation down to their meals. Though it may be that huge but still it has the ability to cruise across and in between islands found in the Caribbean region.  Their usual destinations are Dominica, Grenada and Martinique.

sea dream 1Sea Dream 1
If you are planning for a short term and rather private cruise trip, then Sea Dream 1 is the best for you. Sea Dream 1 is actually more like a Yacht than a cruise ship. It is smaller and it can only accommodate few people. But still it has the ability to offer the conveyance its passenger needs. The good thing about Sea Dream 1 is that, because of its size it can easily reach small and secluded ports like the Saba, Culebrita and Grenandines.

These 2 are just some of the many cruise ships available for people who want to experience travelling the world in the best possible way. You can have your cruise trip planned and even book in advance. Travel agencies are offering wonderful cruse trip packages to interested people.

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