The Best Place to Travel For Food Lovers

Food is actually one of the reasons why people travel. This is very true for people in the culinary world. They would want to explore and experience the food of other cultures in their respective places. Some people, food lovers to be exact, also want to get a taste of something new and unusual, far from the food they are used to have.My friend who export to china gave me some tips to visit the place.  Other than that, typical travelers would look for food for their basic needs and to know the place even better through their culinary skills. With this, below are some places with their respective signature local dish that should be visited and explored.

The Japanese eat a lot of seafood, like a LOT. The famously served-raw seafood such as Sashimi is a staple in Japanese cuisine. This dish gained so many raving reviews and is now one of the prominent dishes in any luxurious restaurant menus around the globe.

korean foodKorea
It is only in Korea wherein you get to eat writhing octopus tentacles seasoned with sesame called Sannakji. It’s almost as if these people have a thing with eating raw seafood. It may sound gross to some but once you get to taste this dish, you would instantly understand why Koreans love Sannakji.

If you want to eat something spicey, then you have to visit India. Various cuisines in India utilize an arsenal of spices. Coriander, cinammon, cumin, cardamom — you name it. India is famous for curries with lentils, coconut milk, and garam masala.

These are just some of the many must taste dishes, food lovers, tourists, vacationers, and travelers should try. It is not only delectable but for some reason, these dishes will help you get a closer look on the culture and know the people in that particular place.

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